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    Since 1993

    It all began when a Chemistry graduate from the American University of Beirut, promised his mother who had an allergic reaction to an expensive face cream, that he would develop a new cream for her; one that was all-natural, safe & effective. He just needed to find the key ingredient…

    “Bees are nature’s best bioengineers!”

    The young man sought the advice of his older sister (a Pharmacist) who decided to help him in his bold endeavour. She knew about the tremendous benefits of beehive by-products (beeswax, honey, propolis & royal jelly) on human health, how extremely friendly they were to sensitive skin & the abundance of nutrients & antioxidants they contained.

    Henceforth, Beesline was born!

    Today, Beesline is a rising brand of natural personal care products developed & produced entirely in Lebanon. For the health & beauty-conscious consumer, Beesline provides natural & effective solutions. Based on the science of Apitherapy (the use of beehive by-products to naturally regulate human physiological imbalances), Beesline’s products are rich in fresh, natural active ingredients that are free from additives & harsh ingredients. Beesline products are sold in thousands of retail outlets, including pharmacies & supermarkets across the MEA region, more recently in Europe & now worldwide through our online platform!


    Our mission is to help people discover a healthy & natural lifestyle free of chemicals & toxins, by providing the highest quality products. We are breaking the stigma to people outside the green cosmetic world that natural products are niche & compromising in efficacy. Through ongoing research & development, we innovate safe, impressive formulas to deliver reasonably priced dermo-cosmetics for all ages and skin types. 


    We are committed to an ethical & transparent practice that strives to continuously evolve for the better.

     “Inspired by bees, prescribed by nature”